What is a Personal Chef?



What is a Personal Chef?

Here we explain “what is a personal chef,” why and when to hire one. According to the USPCA… you don’t have to be a celebrity to have a personal chef. A personal chef service provides great tasting food customized for you/your group AND the precious gift of time. We are the convenient and affordable solution to the age-old question: “What’s For Dinner?”

As members of USPCA, our chefs have insurance, have many opportunities –and encouraged to do continuing education. We receive support in many ways by our national group and our local group.

A personal chef offers several types of professional meal service:

1. Meal preparation:

A client’s individual tastes and dietary restrictions or goals drive the creation of their customized menu. Most times these are weekly personalized meals are prepared in a client’s home and then packaged, labeled and stored in the refrigerator or freezer. A typical service includes: Customized Meal Planning, Grocery Shopping, In-Home Meal Preparation and Packing, Easy to Heat Instructions, and Clean-up.

Contact one of our chefs for meal preparation.

2. Catering services, at home and for travelers:

This fine in-home dining service is for special events and parties for couples and groups –at your home or a special location. This is also for those who want a specific meal, or all meals, while vacationing in our area.

Contact one of our chefs for catering services, and vacation meals.

3. Instruction and Team-building events:

Cooking together is the best way to learn tips and techniques not only for beginners but for savvy cooks, too! For all ages –the young and the young at heart! It is a natural way to get to know each other in a learning and engaging environment.

Contact one of our chefs for Cooking Instruction, and Team Building Cooking Activities.