Chapter Recruitment



Chefs are welcome to join

our Bay Area USPCA chapter

This Bay Area Personal Chef group is a local chapter of the United States Personal Chef Association (USPCA).

Membership for our chapter is open to all personal chefs in good standing with the USPCA, and who live in and near the Bay Area.

We get together every other month, sometimes as a formal meeting, other times will be field trips, workshops, etc.

President: Elizabeth Bourget

Vice President:  Johanna Gelb

Secretary:  Dawn Buchholz

Treasurer: Shoshana Klein

Photographer: Claude Garbarino

Annual dues for membership in the chapter only are $100. The dues are used toward field trips, continuing education, photos, beverages and more!

Annual membership for the BAPC website is $200.00.

For more information call our chapter President Elizabeth Bourget at 831-818-7532

Some of our chefs, Feb 2019, from left to right:

Elizabeth Bourget, President

Joni Sare, member

Shoshana Klein, Treasurer

Andrea Boje, member

Claude Garbarino, Photographer


Are you a USPCA personal chef in the Bay Area?

Join our collective of private and personal chefs in the Bay Area.

Benefits of USPCA Chefs

USPCA provides a one-stop shop for everything you need to effectively and efficiently manage your Personal Chef business as well as the NETWORK with other Personal Chefs to help you grow your Personal Chef business.