What people are saying about us!


Chef Elizabeth has been our personal chef and unique food healer for over two years. I  learned while living in Boston that the Weston Price Diet was the best way to feed my family and to heal my son. But Elizabeth has been our angel in this process by putting this philosophy into practice! Her magic with food is truly unique, the love and healing herbs she puts into each meal are amazing, and my family looks forward to Tuesday’s like nobody’s business! I cannot say enough wonderful things about Elizabeth!  I know that having a chef is a luxury, but for my family it is a health necessity and truly a healing mechanism to rewire a negative genetic predisposition.

Silvana C.

Los Gatos, Gourmet to Go

Imagine having the head chef of your favorite restaurant show up in your kitchen every 2 weeks to prepare healthy versions of your favorite meals. You work with Chef Garbo to determine the menu, then she does all the shopping, cooking and cleaning (she brings her own cookware – you don’t need to provide anything but the space)! She remembers your dietary restrictions (like “no dairy”) and makes substitutions where necessary. She can also accommodate diet restrictions by changing the preparation, so that if one person in the home has a food allergy the others aren’t always deprived of that ingredient. Like having your mom cook all of your meals for you (if “mom” was an award winning chef).

The food she prepares is fantastic and in 2 years we have never had the same dish twice. The best part is that it is much healthier and more economical than eating out, plus you aren’t wasting money on food you have to throw out because it has spoiled. I wish I had met Chef Garbo sooner!

Ali G.

San Francisco, Chef Garbo

Chef Joni was absolutely amazing! I surprised my husband and he said this was the best birthday ever! Chef Joni really listened to our preferences and brought that into the kitchen and to the table! She showed us some neat cooking tips and knife cutting skills that my husband and I really appreciated. And what can I say about the food except it was divine. The paella was beautiful, robust in flavor and oh so fun to cook. The patatas bravas was really easy to make and tasted fresh. And the cake had just right amount of citrus, moist and easy to bake. Now I’m no baker (except maybe Betty crocker’s sous chef maybe), but this cake I’ll definitely try at home. Chef also taught us some cool plating tricks! My husband will definitely want to come back and do this again. Thank you Chef!


South Bay, Joni Sare

Two years ago I approached Chef Dawn because I was searching for someone to cook fresh, healthy, delicious meals for my elderly father. I needed to find someone who could not only help with meal prep, but who was trustworthy, dependable, & compassionate.

Dawn considered foods my father both liked and disliked as well as foods he avoids for medical reasons. She worked with us to plan out the frequency of her meal prep days so that my father always had a plentiful supply of food available until her next visit.

The food is packaged simply so that my father can see what’s inside and is labeled with its contents and dated when the food was made. As far as clean-up goes, the kitchen is always left immaculate. It’s as if she was never there. Except for the delightful smell of home cooked food drifting throughout the house.

We couldn’t be happier with the service she provides. She is easy to work with, talented in the kitchen and a lovely lady.  It’s quite clear she loves what she does. It shows in the quality of her food, but more importantly how she cares for her clients. Dawn IS the PERFECT person for the job!”

Lisa W.

San Ramon, CA, Dining in by Dawn

I can’t say enough good things about Chef Katie—she cooks nutritious meals for us and works very hard to tweak menus based on our health/dietary needs and personal preferences. Katie shops for us as well, which is a huge help for two working parents. She’s very kind-hearted and warm and I feel very comfortable having her in our house every week.

Oakland, Vital Home Cooking

Our family is on it’s second year enjoying Johanna’s home cooked meals. Everything is very delicious and personalized to our taste and food allergies. She is a wizard in the kitchen and then poof, cleans up like she was never there, except for the wonderful food she left behind for us all to enjoy.

The Young Family

San Carlos, Chef Johanna