Ever had a day when all you wanted was just easy healthy meals to eat and instead it looks like this? You get to work, and before you’ve had your first cup of coffee, you have a fire to put out. Then it’s one crisis after another without a decent break for a relaxing lunch. And that report you promised to send out is still not done. You get out half an hour late and get stuck dead-stopped in traffic. When you get home you just want to collapse.

But the kids are hungry and you’ve made no plans for dinner. It’s Tuesday when you have your weekly planning meeting.  And you still need to help out with homework! There is no time to make dinner!  That resolution to make easy healthy meals a family priority went up in smoke ages ago. Isn’t there some way off this hamster wheel?

Personal Chefs Understand the Challenge

Hey, as personal chefs we’ve seen this story play out over and over. All kinds of families are trying to climb this mountain – even those who seem sooo organized. This is where many of us chefs come alive. Being a personal chef isn’t just about using our chef skills to whip out restaurant quality food in no time. No, it’s far more creative than that. We step into our clients’ lives, fit into the family way of life, and create a special meal experience for the whole family … while you and the kids wind down from a hectic day. Then we miraculously wave our wands, the mess disappears, and you’re ready for a relaxing, and maybe even productive evening.

Ok, that’s one solution – a personal chef can do your food shopping, swoop in shortly before dinner, cook for you, and handle everything. It works. We just need to meet with you beforehand to nail down your problems and dietary needs, and then we adapt to your situation. We can do this once, on occasion, or on a regular basis.

Save time, Save Money, Be Flexible

Isn’t having a personal chef prepare each meal daily expensive? It sounds like a lot of work; just what does a personal chef cost? Of course, preparing one meal at a time at your house is not the cheapest or most efficient way to go, yet some clients like this approach. Though different chefs may structure their pricing differently, they can map out costs for you to help you decide what approach fits your family.  Many clients prefer having their chef prepare several days or even a week of meals at a time. Your chef works with you on the meal planning, does all the food shopping for fresh food right before starting to cook, then packs up a week of food in convenient containers to be stored in your fridge. You still have the benefit of fresh food, easy healthy meals, and a flexible dinner schedule.

Meal Planning Made Easy

Hmmm, could we teach you how to plan ahead and simplify your cooking regimen? Sure, after years of working with many clients we have tips and systems for dealing with all kinds of mealtime problems. We can train you on how to do your own meal planning and streamline your current dinner dilemma to transform it into a manageable, or even enjoyable, family activity with consistently easy healthy meals to eat. Sometimes clients watch or participate in the cooking process and later elect to take over meal planning and cooking themselves.

Meal Delivery Options

How about meal delivery? When clients elect to have a week of meals prepared, most chefs cook in their professional kitchen and deliver the meals all at once. Some of our clients opt for having us deliver a complete, freshly prepared, healthy dinner right before dinnertime. And we clean up afterwards. But isn’t that just like ordering in? Like from a restaurant? You already know what you get with that – it’s what’s on the menu. Does it fit your healthy eating goals? Is it tailored to combine your favorite fresh foods with special dietary needs? How many restaurants do you know that specialize in customizing every meal? And what does that restaurant meal plus delivery cost?

The “Personal” in Personal Chef

Your family is unique. You might be structured and orderly, playful and spontaneous, or any combination of countless adjectives. As personal chefs, we know our craft and how to do our food shopping and meal planning efficiently; but each of us is also unique. There is no one size fits all. Working with a personal chef is not just a business relationship; it’s also personal. As personal chefs, we are a close-knit community and often refer clients to each other when we see a better possible match.

If you’re struggling with the hassle of feeding your family well, please reach out to any of us. We’ll be happy to answer questions and steer you in the right direction. After all, that’s why we’re here. Good healthy food should not be a problem! Turning food shopping and preparation into a happy experience is an important part of our work. After all, we chose this profession to share our love of great food.